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The Learners Lab Foundation is a national charitable workforce training incubator and centralized 501c economic development information & resource depot. We are open-access, will deliver all our services, supports, and programs in as many languages as there is a demand for.  The Foundation is relentlessly working to build a resource depot to empower self-sufficiency for our training and  entrepreneurial stakeholders.

The Learners Lab Foundation is staffed by Senior Executives, Interns, and other who are committed to this work and volunteer their time.  We are very interested in exploring your needs but the demand to discuss far exceeds the number of hours in a day.  Therefore, The Foundation offers 24/7 availability of program and application information online.

To learn more about The Learners Lab Foundation, feel free to review our strategic vision plan. You may download it from:

To learn more about the programs we offer and are planning, we encourage you to visit, and which are Interim Program sites that offer insights into our Charitable Workforce Training and 501c Entrepreneurial Focus offerings. Along with these two interim sites are a range of documents available for download 24/7.

While we are eager to speak with you about your participation, we ask that you PLEASE READ AND REVIEW PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS AND APPLICATIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE REACHING OUT.  The Applications are comprehensive and detailed for that purpose.

Those instruments are available for download from the following links:


Fiscal Sponsorship Program:
Fiscal Sponsorship Program.Description:

TLLF Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application




TLLF Fiscal Sponsorship Grant Only Application



Special Project Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application




Technical Assistance Service Center
Want sponsorship services without the commitment of fiscal sponsorship?  Check out our Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC).

Technical Assistance Service Center Registration Form



Our Program contact emails are as follows:

<> for Fiscal Sponsorship inquiries
<>, and
<> for profits with charitable program needs.


Thank you so much for your patience.  Please stay safe!

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